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Cat survives and is thriving from airgun attack

A poor cat was saved after surviving an airgun attack, Animal Friends Insurance reports.

The feline, who was found in a house in Perth, Scotland, was taken to a local animal rescue shelter where the bullet was removed from his head. The injured animal is now recovering from his wounds, and appears to be doing well.

Rescue workers, who have named the feline Kaito, are appalled at what happened.

"Whoever shot him obviously didn't care whether he survived or not," said assistant manager Lesley Clarke.

While most animals would be put up for adoption after healing from such an incident, Clarke explains that she believes there's a worried pet parent out there at the moment.

"We think Kaito was shot and ran away to hide so we'd now like to reunite him with his owner," she said.

According to, outdoor cats have a far shorter life expectancy than felines who mostly reside indoors.
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