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Cat with 26 toes raises money for shelter

The story of a cat with 26 toes has inspired a number of people to make a donation of $26 to the Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center in Wisconsin, The Huffington Post reports.

Amy Rowell, executive director of the center, went to the Milwaukee Animal Control Commission to pick up another pet but was chosen by the cat, whom she later named Daniel, she told the news source. The cat lifted its peculiar paw and tapped her on the head.

Now, the exceptional feline is helping Rowell raise the money she will need to keep her shelter afloat now that the Southridge Mall where it is located is raising the cost of renting the space.

According to its official website, the Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center has saved more than 4,000 cats and dogs since 2005. It adopts out companion animals to loving families and runs outreach programs.

Now, Rowell needs $40,000 in order to put a down payment on a space where she can safely relocate the animals under her care, and Daniel is proving a helpful business partner, gaining attention for his interesting physical feature.
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