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Cats Playing Piano

Nope, not cats playing poker, thank goodness.  The new rage appears to be cats playing piano!  YouTube videos of cats playing piano are showing up and going viral, ranging from Nora's dreamy tones, to the gentle plinking of twin tabbies on a baby piano (it sounds like a nouveau rendition of an ice-cream truck tune), to the tentative bass of a curious orange tabby.  

Now it's true that these feline ditties are unlikely to make it into mainstream musical culture any time soon, but the very randomness of each tune contributes greatly to their charm.  Nora, feline piano master extraordinaire, brought the experience to a stunning culmination in a whimsical collaboration with the Klaipeda Chamber Orchestra (shown below).  The seriousness imparted by the full orchestral range of strings is sharply contrasted by the modern, admittedly somewhat discordant tones produced by not only gentle pats with her paws, but the gentle rubbing of her ears and chin upon the piano keys.  Now that's talent!

Nora, it happens, also has her own webpage, where she tells all.  Her humble beginnings were in an animal shelter, and she responds to the surprise her humans expressed when she started to play the piano in true cat form: "I didn't know what the big fuss was? Of course I'm special. Didn't they already know that?"


P.S.  Nora also has her own personal (and beloved) piano tuner.

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