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Cats are great for companionship, blood pressure

Anyone who owns a cat knows that these animals can provide companionship and love for a family. However, new research has shown that felines can provide physical heath benefits as well.

According to USA Today, bringing a cat into the family can help relieve stress and lower blood pressure. The data has led to universities across the country rethinking their pet policies on campus.

However, pet owners often find they need to work for their adoration and acceptance.

"A dog will let you bang it on the head and still love you. A cat won't do that," Rebecca Johnson, director of the University of Missouri's Research Center for Human-Animal Interaction, told the news outlet. "Children have to learn to be gentle to cats or the cat will go away."

Those who want to adopt a cat are encouraged to head to their local shelter in order to add a companion to their family. The choice to adopt over buying from a breeder can save an animal's life.
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