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Celebrate National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) launched National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week in 1996 in order to celebrate the work of small, local shelters that save the lives of thousands of animals each day. Now, 15 years later, events are being held across the country this week to continue to celebrate the great work of these organizations, according to Best Friends Network.

From November 6 through 12, the HSUS is asking everyone to take a closer look at the importance of their local shelter to their community and to the animals in it, the news source reports. From rescuing injured animals to controlling strays and feral cats, animal rescue organizations across the country enhance the lives of animals and people alike - especially when they can match a pet with its forever home.

According to the HSUS, there are about 3,500 animal shelters across the nation that care for the population of nearly 8 million homeless animals. In honor of this week, the organization is urging animal lovers to donate money or supplies to their local shelter or donate their time by way of volunteering. In addition, everyone can promote adoption to help more animals find the loving homes they deserve. 
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