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Chicago police dogs honor 9/11 victims

More than 530 police officers in Chicago work with bomb-sniffing dog that have been named after police officers, firefighters and other heroes killed when they responded to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, according to the Associated Press.

The dogs work with officers to prevent another such tragedy from occurring, and their names are a constant reminder, Officer Nick Spencer told the news source.

"All these people were victimized by terrorist attacks and these dogs, that's exactly what they fight against," he said. "These dogs are on our front lines against terrorism."

Spencer said that the best thing about naming the dogs after 9/11 victims is that it keeps the officers on task. Some dogs have also been named after military personnel killed fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan.

The dogs, whose names have an added letter to identify them as a participant in the program, give an opportunity to remember, talk about and honor those whose heroic actions got them killed on 9/11. Canine heroes were also killed in the aftermath of the attacks, and some organizations remember them, too, according to Psychology Today. The news source reports that just over 60 dogs who worked in the devastation are known to survive.  
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