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Chihuahua's jacket saves him from owl attack

A chihuahua named Chico narrowly escaped the talons of an owl while he was out for a nighttime walk with his owner. Fortunately, the dog was wearing a jacket that prevented the winged creature from getting a good grip, reports the Northwest Herald.

Chico, who only weights four pounds, would be an easy target for a great horned owl. However, attacks against pets are rare, as they are typically with their human owners, who would frighten off most birds of prey.

"They're opportunistic," Rebecca Murphy of the McHenry County Conservation District's Wildlife Resource Center told the news source. "The reason it's not real common is usually the human is right there, and having it there, that should frighten away the predator."

On the evening of the attack, George Kalomiris, the dog's owner, noticed that Chico was cowering and whimpering. Soon after, the owl swooped down and grabbed the pooch. Fortunately, Kalomiris was able to hold onto to the dog's leash and eventually scare the bird away.

According to the Associated Press, Chico survived the incident, but was treated for a few sustained injuries. The dog is in good health, though he is more timid about taking evening walks.
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