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China places ban on cruel animal circuses

In an effort to curb animal cruelty, China has placed a ban on it's controversial animal circuses. Among other abuses, the shows often allowed audience members to purchase live animals such as goats, chickens, horses and other animals and watch them be fed to big cats, according to the Telegraph.

Animal rights advocates have complained about the shows for a number of years. However, China's government has been slow to tackle the issue, possibly because the circuses, which take place at 700 different zoos in the nation, draw audiences of 150 million people annually.

The ban, which went into effect on Tuesday, will put an end to the circuses held at the 300 state-owned zoos in China. In addition, zoos will be banned from selling animal parts in their shops and restaurants and will no longer be able to pull out the teeth of baby tigers.

"We are hopeful it will have an effect," David Neale, the animal welfare director at Animals Asia, told the news source. "I visited the Chongqing zoo before Christmas and their circus was clearing out, and Kunming zoo has also said its circus has been closed."

This isn't the only animal rescue operation to make recent news. According to the Seattle Post Intelligence, 24 lions were recently rescued from a circus in Boliva.
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