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Columbia Valley, Washington, residents can report feral cats on February 22

Prevent Homeless Pets, a nonprofit organization, will team with the Benton Franklin Humane Society, Pet Over Population Prevention and numerous veterinarians to support feral cat animal rescue on Tuesday, February 22, according to The News Tribune.

"Our main purpose is to provide spaying and neutering for stray and feral cats found throughout the community and prevent those animals from being euthanized. We are blessed with wonderful vets helping us provide this service for cats, which helps cut down on the population of abandoned and feral cats," Harriet Johnson, the founder of Prevent Homeless Pets, told the news source.

According to the Human Society, feral cats are distinguished from stray cats because they are the offspring of lost or abandoned cats. While stray cats are usually domestic cats who are lost, feral cats are usually born in the wild and exhibit asocial tendencies.

"Feral cats deserve caretaking just as much as the kitties who live with us; they are often victims of abandonment, accidental loss, and failure by owners to fix their pets," according to the Humane Society.

Johnson has been a Human Society volunteer since 1998. Residents of the Mid-Columbia, Washington, area are encouraged to contact Prevent Homeless Pets in order to report a neighborhood stray or feral cat. 
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