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County in Illinois to impose strict laws on pet stores

While some dog owners have undoubtedly found their four-legged family members from a pet store, animal rights activists do their best to implore the public to look elsewhere. Pet stores often purchase canines from puppy mills, breeding grounds that increase a pooch's risk of health complications.

Now, one county in Illinois is doing their best to eradicate this problem. According to the Sun-Times, Naperville now requires all pet stores in the area to post a dog or cat's history of their breeding, as well as any health issues, veterinary treatments and hereditary birth defects.

The move is being made with the hopes of eventually putting an end to puppy mills all over the state. And, it's likely not to affect animal shelters in the area.

"In a shelter environment I don't see it changing a great deal of the philosophy or operating aspects of the adoption process or how people go about adopting an animal," Rich Glessner, director of operations at Animals Deserving of Proper Treatment (ADOPT) in Naperville. "The bigger impact will be on pet stores."

According to its website, ADOPT is a no-kill shelter that has found loving homes for more than 20,000 pets.
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