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Daring animal rescue takes a chilly turn

Most people would do nearly anything to save their dog from harm. However, when man's best friend required an animal rescue, his owner ended up needing a helping hand as well!

Gregory Doran of Marblehead, Massachusetts, gingerly picked his way across the thin ice of a local pond to save his pooch, Doobie, who had run out onto the cracked expanse, according to

Unfortunately, Doran was unable to retrieve the animal, and instead plunged into the icy waters of the pond himself. He soon began to experience the effects of hypothermia, and neighbors were unable to get close enough to help him, the news source reports.

Luckily, several members of the local police force and the fire department were called to the scene, and they were able to save both the animal lover and his pooch.

According to the news site, two firefighters, John Tobey and Mark Barcamonte, bravely entered the cold waters themselves to pull Doran to safety. Doobie was sent to a nearby animal shelter, where he will be taken care of until his loyal owner is released from the hospital.

Though we know that it can be difficult to wait for professional help if your furry friend is in trouble, we're sure that man's best friend wouldn't want you to risk life and limb. Be patient, stay calm, and don't skate on thin ice!
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