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Dave the rottweiler plays parent to menagerie

Dave, a rottweiler, apparently has a very strong parental instinct. The pooch has looked after dozens of orphaned animals, including four ducks, three geese, five rabbits, 12 kittens, five puppies and innumerable chicks, according to The Daily Mail.

Amanda Collins, who owns the six-year-old canine, told the news source that Dave first showed his unique caring habits when she brought home a French giant rabbit. She said that he immediately took interest in the bunny, licking and cleaning him.

“They bonded straight away,” Collins said to the news organization. “Now they sleep together, and I've even seen them sharing each other’s food.”

Soon the woman began bringing home more and more orphaned animals, and to her surprise, the dog cared for each one. When she brought ducklings to her pooch, the dog laid in a pool they were using to learn to swim, allowing the baby animals to crawl all over him.

Dave was brought up in an abusive home, but despite his past he seems to be a happy pooch. Collins hopes the dog’s good nature will help dispel some of the stereotypes surrounding his breed.

According to, rottweilers are known to be calm, confident, loyal and brave canines. 
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