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Dedicated golden retriever helps out in hardware store

Those who stop by Huron Ace Hardware in Huron, Ohio, are likely to be greeted by an unexpected employee - a 15-month-old golden retriever named Phoebe.

The Sandusky-Register reports that the determined dog, who was welcomed into the home of Tim and Julie Sowecke when she was just a pup, was brought to the store because they didn't want to leave her alone at home. That's when the canine acquired the handy skills that wound up helping them out.

"She's not my best employee, but she's working on it," Tim told the news outlet. "I don't have to pay her much - keep her fed and let her outside every once in awhile."

Phoebe not only acts as the shop's personal greeter, but she's able to grab shopping bags for customers and place their printed receipts in front of them. However, the pooch tends to be wiped out by 11 a.m., when she is usually spotted retreating to the back office for a nap.

According to, golden retrievers are considered to be one of the smartest dog breeds in the world.
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