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Deer in Georgia saved from swimming pool

A deer was rescued by officials after winding up in a swimming pool in Georgia, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

The incident occurred this week when a homeowner alerted authorities to a deer that was swimming in his backyard pool. The animal had traveled beyond the shallow section and was in danger of drowning.

"The deer appeared to have six points and was in the deepest section of the pool and couldn't get out on his own," Tim Cavender of the Cherokee fire department told the news outlet.

The doe was coaxed to shallower waters, and authorities were able to pull it to safety. Shortly thereafter, it quickly made a run back into the woods.

The news source also reports that this is the second time in a week that a wild animal has been rescued from a swimming pool. Last Saturday, a buffalo was found comfortably resting in an Atlanta resident's pool and was later coaxed to the shallow end by animal rescue officials.
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