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Designer John Bartlett found his co-worker at an animal rescue shelter

John Bartlett, a trendy designer who is currently the creative director of Liz Claiborne's men's collection, spends his days in the posh part of Greenwich Village where he works and lives.

However, Bartlett does allow himself a few creature comforts throughout his busy day – the most important of which is the company of his three-legged dog, Tiny Tim, according to USA Today.

In fact, Tiny Tim, who is a mixed breed, has become somewhat of a mascot – and a marketing ploy - for the designer.

"A lot of people are drawn in because they see him from the sidewalk," Bartlett told the news source.

Of course, customers are always attracted to a friendly, furry face, but many businesses owners bring their dog or cat with them to the office so that they can keep each other company during the day.

The paper reports that Bartlett found Tiny Tim in an animal rescue shelter, and that the designer was drawn to the dog by his "soulful eyes."

If you'd like to adopt a dog or cat a pet that can come to work with you, make sure to choose an animal that seems to be comfortable around people and have a friendly demeanor.
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