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Determined dog learns to climb ladder

Most dogs will scale mountains to be by their owner's side, but one Texas pooch was able to climb up a ladder in order to show his adoration for his pet parent.

KLTV News reports that Bubba, an adorable white and tan canine, has learned to shimmy up to the roof in order to hang out with his owner, Levi Baker.

Baker, a roofing contractor, spoke with the news outlet and recalled his Bubba's first incredible climb.

"One day we [were] just tearing off a roof," he told the news outlet. "Next thing we know, we hear the dog at the edge of the roof scattering around."

The news source reports that scores of onlookers have stopped by Bubba and Levi's house in order to take photos of his unbelievable trick.

While the canine has certainly impressed people around the world, the news outlet reports that Bubba has yet to master one important skill - climbing back down.

Those who want to teach their pet similar tricks should make sure their pooch is in tip-top shape before allowing them to give it a go.
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