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Disabled puppy gets new lease on life

When Erica Daniel first met Harper, she was in a garbage bag, about to be thrown away because she was born deformed. In an effort to give the pit bull puppy one last night of happiness, Daniel ended up giving her another chance at life, MSNBC reports.

The puppy was born with pectus excavatum, commonly known as swimmer puppy disorder, which causes the dog's front legs to be splayed out on each side and it's hind legs to be kicked straight out behind it. Daniel took the puppy from a man selling pit bull puppies outside a Save-A-Lot, deciding to give the pup one last night of love and happiness before getting it humanely euthanized in the morning - something that veterinarians agreed she should do.

Daniel massaged the puppy's tight muscles, and the animal started lifting her head and moving, she told the news source. After testing negative to all the conditions one veterinarian believed the pup might suffer from - including degenerative bone disease, a heart murmur and brain abnormalities - the pup, named Harper, was given free hydro and massage therapy by Hip Dog Canine Hydrotherapy & Fitness in Winter Park, Florida, the news source reports.

She is now walking and playing with other dogs, and will be ready for adoption in about a month, the news source reports.
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