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Dog breaks world record for ear length

Harbor, an 8-year-old coonhound recently made it into the 2012 Guinness Book of World Record for its ears that hang low - in fact, owner Jennifer Wert probably could tie them in a bow if she wanted to.

The dog's ears, which have now been granted the title "Longest Ears on a Living Dog," measure 12.25 inches on the left side and 13.5 inches on the right side, according to People Magazine. Wert told the news source that the long flaps do not help Harbor hear better - they actually help him smell better.

The news source reports that black and tan coonhounds and other scent hounds sweep scents into their noses with their swinging, floppy ears.

Wert recalls that Harbors ears were much too big for his body as a puppy - at 9 months old, he would sit in his crate and his ears would hang down to his paws, she told the Denver Post. In addition, he used to trip over them on the stairs. Harbor is neutered but came from a litter of 12, so his siblings may pass on the gene to future generations of record-breaking dogs.
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