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Dog dragged by pickup truck recovering from wounds

It's safe to say Firu, a 2-year-old American Bulldog mix, has been through quite the ordeal lately. The poor pooch, who suffered drastic injuries last month after being dragged by a pickup truck, is at the center of one of the most publicized animal rescue attempts in recent history.

Still, Samantha Hodge, one of the professionals involved in his recovery, explains that the determined doggy is doing relatively well considering all that has happened to him.

"He is doing phenomenal," she told "He's soaking up all this attention. I kiss him right on the snout - a lot - and you can tell he's not used to that. So far, he's been very forgiving of humans."

Firu has undergone 11 surgeries so far and has tested positive for heartworms. However, the scores of donations that have come in from all parts of the country - Ellen DeGeneres and
Portia DeRossi contributed $2,000 towards his medical expenses - have helped him in the fight to get healthy once again.

Those who want to help animals such as Firu may want to look online to see what shelters are in need of money and volunteers. 
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