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Dog-friendly cancer awareness walk honors canine abilities

This year's St. Charles Walk for Goose aims to raise money for ovarian cancer, but also focuses on the way that dogs can help cancer patients, The Beacon-News reports.

Susan Roman, the organizer of the second annual fundraiser to take place in St. Charles, South Carolina, battled ovarian cancer in 2009 and is currently fighting it again. Roman, who wants to raise $20,000 for ovarian cancer from this walk, said she wanted to include four-legged companions because of the way hers has helped her through the disease.

"The reason we decided to host a dog walk is because I feel that my dog, Bacchus, knew I was sick before I knew I was sick," she told the news source.

In addition, Roman told the news source that she found walking her dog a useful way to benchmark her progress in fighting the disease.

"First, you can’t get out of bed," she said. "Once I could hold the dog’s leash and walk to the end of the street, it was huge progress for me."

Recent research has shown the ways in which dogs may be able to sniff out lung cancer, suggesting that their innate "knowledge" may be backed up in science. 
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