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Dog lover creates successful rescue organization for mill mothers

Theresa Strader had no idea the ways that female dogs in commercial breeding operations churned out one litter after another with little medical care, minimal food, and even less contact with humans.

She learned quickly after adopting one such mother from a Missouri dog action, whom she later lost to mouth cancer. Upset by the death, Strader created the National Mill Dog Rescue, an organization that saves up to 200 dogs each day from puppy mills, USA Today reports. The dogs - from Yorkies to cocker spaniels - usually end up with Strader when breeders are finished with them and decide to shoot, drown or euthanize them, the news source reports.

Despite its humble beginnings in Strader's basement four years ago, where she provided a home for 13 dogs that she rescued from a Missouri breeder, the organization is now housed in an 11,000-square-foot facility that includes two surgery rooms, medical equipment and a den for dogs to rest and socialize.

The organization now has major partnerships with groups in six states that all work to help Strader care for and eventually place these former mill dogs in loving homes.  
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