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Dog rescued after 30 hours trapped under rocks

Moviegoers across the world have been rushing to see the film 127 Hours, a true story about a hiker who was trapped underneath a boulder for more than five days. It looks as though a California pup went through his own version of the story.

According to, Fuji, a 7-year-old Jack Russell terrier, was chasing after a rodent on La Jolla beach this week when she suddenly got caught in between the rocks. She stayed there for 30 hours as firefighters, lifeguards and animal rescue officials tried to wrestle her out.

"It's tough. It's hard to watch. I mean, it's hard to think about her being there for that long, cold and stuck and hungry and thirsty," Ruth Guymer, Fuji's owner, told the news outlet.

After lowering a fiber optic camera into the area, authorities were able to move the rocks and free the canine. She is now recovering at an animal hospital in Mission Valley.

Guymer told the news outlet that she is thrilled with the way everyone worked together to save her precious pooch.

According to, Jack Russell terriers are loving, obedient and can often be fearless.
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