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Dog rescued from foreclosed home

Paul Samartgedes, a home inspector in Arizona, was going about his day recently, taking pictures in recently-foreclosed homes, when he discovered someone in one of his photos that moved him to action, reports.

After uploading the photos he had taken in the dark house, he realized there was a thin pit bull terrier lying on the bathroom floor, gazing up at the camera, though it didn't make a sound when Samartgedes was in the home.

Realizing the dog had been alone for up to a month, Samartgedes called regional humane societies, shelters and animal rescue centers to help the starving dog. When authorities arrived, they deemed the dog not bad enough to take in. Samartgedes and his wife worked to find the pooch a temporary shelter, and eventually found a foster family in friends who eventually adopted the dog, whom they named Nacho.

For his efforts in rescuing Nacho, Samartgedes was given an award by the Sunbear Squad, a nonprofit organization that was formed to advocate for neglected animals. The organization was formed after the case of Sunbear, a dog that died of neglect in an empty townhouse in West Virginia despite the presence of neighbors. His case elicited national attention and impacted humane laws in the state, the organization's website states. 
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