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Dog rescuer to be honored by Massachusetts School of Law

The Massachusetts School of Law, which has animal advocacy law program, will honor firefighter Tim Wareham, of Newbury Massachusetts, who rescued a dog trapped on frozen ice in a nearby marina known as the Basin on February 5, according to Newburyport News.

Pearl, a Belgian Tervuren, was stranded on the ice and according to Wareham, he was alerted to the situation when he heard "screaming and yelping." Wareham was off-duty in his home at the time.

The "screaming" turned out to be from Kashill, Pearl's grandmother, also a Tervuren.

The owner of the dogs, Bob Watt, later commented that Pearl probably escaped from his yard by climbing on snow that had accumulated near the fence.

Firefighter Wareham, who will be at the Massachusetts School of Law, to receive his award, warns that rescuing dogs from frozen ice should not be attempted without help.

Wareham had called 911 and received help from other firefighters.

"Typically, we will give awards to one or two people who have done something outstanding for animals or for an individual animal," Sullivan said.

The Belgian Tervuren is a type of Belgian Sheepdog, according to They are usually confident, sociable and are very good guard dogs.
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