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Dog rescues married couple as fire breaks out

When a family's smoke detector failed to alert them, their attentive dog came to the rescue.
An Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, couple was awoken by their 2-year-old puppy, Pete, as a fire started just outside the back of their home. Because the fire started outside, their smoke detectors never went off, NBC-affiliate KFOR-TV reports.

When the couple heard their usually quiet dog barking repeatedly, they knew something was wrong. Ricky Coffman, the owner, told the news source, "[Pete] was our fire alarm."

Though the fire began outside, it eventually reached the house. The dog smelled the smoke and saw the back of the house in flames and started barking wildly. In addition to barking, he attempted to wake up the Koffman's niece by licking her face. The owners believe the dog saved their lives. Looking for ways to reward her puppy, Jennifer Coffman jokingly told the news station that Pete would be eating filet mignon as a reward for his efforts.

According to a study by the National Fire Protection Association, 92 percent of structure fire deaths were caused by home fires. 
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