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Dog saved by animal rescue workers

A labrador reported missing was successfully saved by animal rescue workers from an old, rotting bridge, according to a recent report from the Patriot Ledger.

The animal rescue team was both thankful for the happy outcome as well as dedicated in their duties.

"This is what we train for, this is what we work for. We were glad to be called and effect a successful rescue and return the dog to the owner," Jon Cuneo of the Emergency Preparedness Program Consultants told the news source.

The leader of the animal rescue team from the South Shore Disaster organization, Chris D'Arpino, put the harnesses onto the labrador, who was lying on a rotting bridge that was about 30-feet high.

"We were able to get on scene, set up a plan and get the dog and safely return him to the owners. I like these rescues, I like when they work out with a happy ending," said D'Arpino.

Animal rescue workers do heroic deeds every day in order to save the lives of animals. There are 77.5 million dogs who are household pets in the U.S., and even more cats who belong to American homes.
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