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Dog saved from Charles River

A pooch was given a second chance at life after an emotional animal rescue in Boston, reports.

According to the news source, Gina Kennedy was walking her beloved dog, a 7-year-old black Lab named Trooper, along the Charles River Tuesday night without a leash. Everything seemed to be going great until she called her pup's name and didn't get a response.

After searching the area, Kennedy suddenly spotted a police car and realized that Trooper must have fallen into the water. A passerby likely took note of the situation, as authorities were already on the scene.

Firefighters dove into the river and quickly brought the pup back to shore. After spending a night in the local animal hospital, Trooper is recovering well.

However, Kennedy admits she'll be taking extra precautions while next time out with her beloved canine.

"There are things I'll do differently from now on," she told the news outlet. "I'm going to go get him a reflective collar. Even as the fire department was shining their spotlight on the water, it was hard to see him."

Experts advise pet owners to always keep their furry friends on a leash. Doing so may prevent them heading into a busy street or in a dangerous area. 
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