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Dog saved from boulder crack with vegetable oil

After several failed attempts, the Alpine Fire Protection District in eastern San Diego country rescued a dog who had fallen into a crack between two huge boulders using vegetable oil, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The firefighters tried twice to open the boulder and make room so that the dog could move, according to Sign On San Diego. They tried the Jaws of Life and rescue air bags, but the boulder would not move. They then lubricated the dog with Wesson vegetable oil and used poles and ropes to lasso its back legs and slowly pull it up.

The dog had fallen into the crevice while walking over the boulder on its owner's property Tuesday morning, Alpine Fire Chief Bill Paskle told the news source.

The boulder was about 15 feet tall and 30 feet in diameter. The owner called for help immediately, and the firefighters stepped up when local animal rescue and animal control officials could not respond.

The dog, which is 1 year old, has not yet been named by its owner, but firefighters suggested the name Rocky in light of its recent adventure, the Times reports.  
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