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Dogs from Afghanistan fly to reunite with soldiers

U.S. soldiers have been reunited with the dogs that helped them through difficult times in Afghanistan thanks to a new program created by the British charity Nowzad Dogs in Partnership with American Dog Rescue, the Daily Mail reports.

During Specialist Sheila Schaffer's deployment, a dog that she and fellow Army National Guard soldiers dubbed Delta, wandered underneath a medic station and gave birth to a litter of puppies. The canine family was soon befriended by Schaffer and the other members of the 2nd Brigade of Iowa. Schaffer bonded with one pup that she named Charlie.

The reunion, organized by American Airlines, took place at JFK Airport in New York. Soldiers flew from their hometowns across the nation to meet up with their companions.

"I didn't know whether to cry or laugh when I saw Charlie," Schaffer told the news source. "To hold him again thousands of miles away and so many months later is an amazing thing."

The dog will move back to Iowa with his master and will be reunited with his mother, Delta, who is already living with Schaffer's family.

Other dogs that are deployed alongside American troops, called military working dogs (MWDs), are also available for adoption when they retire from service, according to the Military Working Dog Adoption's official website.  
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