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Dogs saved family from fire when department could not

A mother and daughter sleeping in a Louisville, Kentucky, home would have died in a recent fire if not for their two dogs, a Chihuahua and a pit bull, reports.

When a fire started early Wednesday morning, the family dog came to the mother's bed barking and nuzzling her, according to WLKY News.

"I've never heard a sound like that coming from a dog," said Ewket Woldehanna, the woman.

Lyndon Fire Chief Russ Rakestraw told the news source that the family is lucky their dogs were there to make up for the smoke detectors, which had dead batteries.

"Had that dog not done that, there's a very strong possibility that woman and her daughter would not have survived the fire. If that were my dog, he would be eating steak everyday for the rest of his life. The dog is truly a hero," Russ Rakestraw, fire chief of Lyndon told the news source. reports that the fire station nearest to the home has been shut down recently because Lyndon could not afford to staff it full-time.  
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