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Dozens of bighorn sheep relocated in Texas

A number of bighorn sheep were moved to a wildlife refuge in order to help them reacclimate to their natural habitat, reports.

Twelve curly-horned rams and 34 ewes were taken from West Texas to Bofecillos Mountains in Big Bend Ranch State Park in the days leading up to the Christmas holiday.

"The bighorn belong here," Mike Pittman, the area's wildlife manager, told the news outlet. "They're part of the ecosystem."

The news source reports that although there were around 1,500 big horn sheep in Texas in the late 1800s, by 1960 they were almost all gone. However, now researchers estimate that there are more than 1,000 animals within the state's borders.

The rescue attempt saw more than 80 volunteers lend a helping hand in order to get the job done. When the sheep were released into the wild once again, the animal rescue team erupted in wild applause.

According to, bighorn sheep can weigh up to 280 pounds and live as long as 15 years.
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