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Dozens of dogs, a few lizards and a pony saved from farmhouse

A pony, a cat, a few lizards and about a dozen dogs were saved from inhumane conditions at a farmhouse in Ottawa and are recovering under the care of veterinarians and other animal rescue workers, according to the News Tribune.

One of the centers that have taken in the rescued animals is the Illinois Valley Animal Rescue and Pet Project.

The animals were found after La Salle County Animal Control Officer Gary Wind received a tip on March 22 about animals living in poor conditions near Route 23 in Ottawa.

The farmhouse belonged to a lawyer who works in Ottawa and was operated by two women, who have not been named. Each of the two women who ran the farmhouse and were supposed to take care of the animals had moved away within the past month.

Officer Wind told the news source that he had often driven past the farmhouse, not knowing that there were animals in need of rescue inside.

"Every one of the dogs was as sweet as could be but very emaciated. ...I think all of them are going to make it, but it will take a while," said Wind.

Animal overpopulation is a problem throughout the U.S. and Canada. One of the most effective ways to decrease the number of unwanted cats and dogs is to have one's pet spayed or neutered. 
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