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Drug-sniffing dog makes great discovery at airport

Many football fans have been talking about Tim Tebow of the Denver Broncos, but when animal lovers say the name "Tebow," they are probably discussing the drug-sniffing dog by the same name who recently helped police catch a cocaine smuggler at Orlando International Airport, USA Today reports.

The pooch, which is named after the football star, recently sniffed out a kilogram of cocaine that was inside a children’s toy in the smugglers luggage at the airport, the news source reports. Just as the Broncos play cannot be stopped on the field recently, the dog apparently cannot be stopped in its airport security duties.

The Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation reports that the dog sniffed out the bag of the drugs picked up by Morales Castro, 20, at the airport. While he initially denied the bag was his, he later told police he was paid to take it to someone, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

Castro was charged with selling or distributing a controlled substance, according to the news source.
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