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Duck befriends mirror at animal shelter

A duckling in the United Kingdom was recently taken to an animal rescue center after being attacked by a gull only one day after hatching. The bird was stressed and unable to eat because it was separated from its siblings, but workers installed a mirror to trick the duck into thinking she has company, the Small World News Service reports.

The mirror helped the small bird, which shelter workers have named Alice, relax. It now eats regularly, huddles up to the mirror and talks to it, the news source reports. It also wanders up to its reflection and pecks at it, licks it, and squawks wildly if it is taken away.

"It is very common for ducklings to die once separated from the flock and we're amazed at the change in condition," Liz Dyas, a worker at Devon Wildlife Visitor Centre told the news source.

According to the Daily Mail, the ducking was brought to the center by an Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals worker and is still working on a full recovery before the center released it back into the wild within the next few months. 
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