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Elephant mourns loss of canine best friend

Tarra the elephant and Bella the dog were inseparable ever since they began their friendship at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee about eight years ago, the Huffington Post reports.

Bella recently passed away after what her owners believe was a coyote attack, and Tarra is mourning her loss. The dog was found in the barn of the sanctuary where the two animals slept together each night. However, sanctuary employees have no evidence that the attack happened in the barn. After noticing blood on the underside of Tarra's trunk, officials believe that Tarra witnessed the attack or discovered that her friend was injured soon after, then carried the body back to their barn home, the Leavenworth Times reports.

"I am convinced Tarra experienced the death of her friend that fateful night, brought her home and said her goodbyes," Rob Atkinson, CEO of the Elephant Sanctuary, said after the dog's death. "Tarra was a true friend to the end, and Tarra’s sisters and caregivers will continue to take care of her, as she and Bella did each other." 
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