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Elusive, "extinct" monkey spotted in Borneo

The Miller's grizzled langur was thought to be extinct, but the endangered primate was recently caught on camera by scientists on the island of Boreno in Indonesia, BBC News reports.

Last year, researchers reported that none of these primates were recorded in any of their previously known habitats, sparking fear among the scientific community that the species was extinct in the wild, the news outlet reports. But when a team set up camera traps in the Wehea Forest on the eastern tip of Borneo in June 2011, they saw these large grey monkeys, even though the area was not in their previously recorded range.

Though the cameras were set up to record clouded leopards, orangutans and other wildlife that tend to gather at the salt licks in the area, The Associated Press reports.

"We were all pretty ecstatic, the fact that, wow, this monkey still lives, and also that it's in Wehea," lead researcher Brent Loken, a Ph.D. student at Simon Fraser University in Canada, told the news outlet.

Loken added that the findings give scientists hope that they may be able to find large enough populations of the monkey to ensure its survival, BBC reports. 
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