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Endangered animals are stuck on government back log

There are a lot of animals stuck on a back log waiting to be declared as endangered species, according to a new report from KOLD News in Tucson, Arizona.

However, environmental groups and the government are at odds as to who to blame for the back log.

"[The] Obama Administration is asking Congress to essentially limit the amount of money it can spend on protecting new species under the Endangered Species Act which, again, is just ridiculous," Kieran Suckling, the executive director of the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD), told the news source.

Conversely, federal officials complain that environmental groups have slowed down the process by filing a lot of paperwork and petitions.

"What we're required to do is divert our limited employee resources and time to addressing those petitions, rather than moving the process forward," Jeff Humphrey, spokesman for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) in Arizona, told the news outlet.

The U.S. FWS is currently showcasing the Wyoming Toad on its official website, as the featured species. The Wyoming Toad lives in the Mortenson Lake National Wildlife Refuge and is a very rare amphibian.

More information can be found at the CBD as well as the FWS sites onlines.
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