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Endangered blue whale seen off coast of Maine

The world's largest mammal made an appearance off the coast of Boothbay Harbor, Maine, over the weekend, The Boston Globe reports. The blue whale, an endangered species, was spotted by whale watchers 15 miles south of the harbor on Sunday, and was reportedly as long as the pair of 100-foot whale-watching boats that spotted it, the news source reports.

The Portland Press Herald reports that the whale was "logging," or sleeping, just under the surface when Dominique Leclerc, a marine biologist took a video.

Leclerc, based on the Pink Lady II, the ship operated by Cap'n Fish's Whale Watch and the Harbor Princess operated by Boothbay Whale Watch, said that the whale surfaced every five to eight minutes to breathe.

The whale became endangered after hunting depleted its population, the news source reports. The International Whaling Commission banned the hunting of blue whales in 1966. The whale is found in oceans around the world but is rare off the coast of New England because they prefer deeper waters, according to the Globe. The last blue whale sighting in New England was at least three years ago.  
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