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Exotic animal escape in Ohio leads to calls for stricter pet laws

The herd of exotic animals that was set loose in Ohio last week has spurred many animal rights activists and organizations to call for stricter pet laws. The Humane Society reports that Missouri, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma and North Carolina are the most lax when it comes to exotic pet laws, according to CBS News.

"It may be a wonderful thing for an individual to have them as a pet, but it's a miserable life for the individual animal," Martine Colette, who runs the Wildlife Waystation in Los Angeles for nearly 500 domestic and exotic creatures, told the news source. "It is not a dog, it will never be a dog. You can love it like you love your dog, but a tiger is a tiger and a lion is a lion."

One of the major issues with exotic pet ownership is that often people change their minds and bring their pets to animal shelters, which may not be properly equipped to care for creatures like camels and alligators.

People who want to help animal shelters and rescue services care for illegally obtained exotic pets can go online and click to donate to help care for and feed the animals. 
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