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Fans Name Rescued Dogs

In June of 2013, Soi Dog Foundation gave fans of The Animal Rescue Site a chance to name a group of dogs rescued from the illegal meat trade in Thailand.  Voting commenced, and eight of these sweet and fortunate pups emerged with names of their own.   Now recovered from their ordeal, each of these dogs has the chance to find a forever home.



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LUCKY With a 33% lead, voters mandated that the fortunate circumstance of this pup would dictate her name: Lucky. Honorable mentions go Libby (26%), short for Liberty, and Noa, a Hawaiian word for Freedom.


Fozzy With a commanding 34% of the vote, participants decided this dog’s resemblance to part-time comic and full-time Muppet Fozzy Bear was too strong to pass up.


Sandy Sandy dominated the poll, taking over 38% of the votes, no doubt conjuring up memories of Little Orphan Annie’s own pet from the popular 1982 musical… more so than the other eponymous inspiration behind Ozzie Pawsbourne (12%)


Dexter This classic name crushed the competition (43%), beating out weather phenomena (Sunshine, 27%) and music phenomena (Elvis, 12%).


Bandit Charmed by this one’s distinctive face markings, nearly half of all voters chose Bandit (49%). The runner-up? Zorro (23%).


Ruffles in a much closer race, Ruffles (29%) edged out the next three by only a slim margin. Truffle (24%), Curly (24%), and Chewie (19%) all appealed to voters. Steve McQueen (4%) did not.


Archie Sporting a white doo reminiscent of Einstein’s (23%) unruly locks and Gandalf’s (12%) fictional beard, voters instead opted for Archie (46%) in another decisive poll.


Hendrix With 34% of the votes, Hendrix beat out that other monolith of modern music: Cat Stevens (2%). Honorable mention: Courage (29%) and Hamlet (27%).
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