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Farm Sanctuary asks for pardoned turkeys to be sent to sanctuary, not Disneyland

While millions of people around the country prepare for Thanksgiving, there is a lucky turkey out there whose life is about to be saved. Every year, the President pardons one particular bird, who is sent on his merry way to live out the rest of his life in Disneyland.

However, the animal rescue organization Farm Sanctuary has just gone on record to plead with President Obama to let them take in this year's fortunate winged creature, the L.A. Times reports.

"At Disney theme parks, which have been entrusted with the care of pardoned turkeys since 2005, many of the birds have died within one year," states part of a petition circulated by the organization. "At Farm Sanctuary, these birds can live happily and comfortably for many years."

The group explains that they have the education and resources to care for turkeys bred for food and handle their health complications.

According to its website, Farm Sanctuary is dedicated to preventing abuse against farm animals and combat the occurrence of factory farming.
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