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Feral cats fight reputation to survive

There are a handful of organizations that work to care for the feral cats that dwell alongside humans across the U.S. - a population that has reached an estimated 50 million, according to the Humane Society of the United States. However, peoples' general dislike of these semi-wild animals has been posing a problem as supporters try to raise money to feed them and provide them with veterinary care, Star News Online reports.

"They leave marks and paw prints on vehicles, and people don't care for that," Jean McNeil, services manager for New Hanover County Animal Control in North Carolina, told the news source. "They're stalking birds. People don't want them running loose on the property, digging in their garden, things like that."

However, groups like Friends of Felines, a group based in Wilmington, North Carolina, that cares for the area's feral cats, are trying to improve the animals' quality of life while ultimately cutting back their numbers, the news source reports. Friends of Felines and other nonprofits across the country practice a trap-neuter-return technique that aims to eventually limit the breeding of these homeless cats. Still, donations and other funding is limited because people generally misinterpret the cats' behavior, the news outlet reports. 
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