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Firefighters help animals out of burning building

Sixty firefighters responded to a fire in the SoHo section of New York City recently and performed an unexpected animal rescue when they found a litter of puppies trapped in an apartment, DNAInfo reports.

When firefighters entered an apartment in the building they found the little pooches and their parents trapped. As they began to remove the canines, they discovered one of them wasn't breathing.

Firefighter Jim Lanigan found two of the puppies, including the critically-injured one, and took them out of the building. Once outside, he began to administer CPR to the unconscious pup.

He told the news source that as he was performing CPR he noticed that the pooch's leg started to move so he kept administering the life-saving technique. His quick action saved the puppy's life.

"I've never rescued a pet before," he told the news provider. "I got a cat out of a tree once, but never anything like this."

All of the canines were safe and sound as the firefighters put out the fire. Their owner returned home relieved that his pets were all accounted for.

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