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Former site of dog abuse becomes canine sanctuary

NFL player Michael Vick is out of jail and back to football after serving a 21-month prison sentence for running a horrific dog fighting operation. Since then, the scene of the crime, Bad Newz Kennels, Vick's property on 1915 Moonlight Road in Virginia, was difficult to sell due to its sickening past, the New York Daily News reports.

But the property was recently sold to Tamara Thayne and her organization, Dogs Deserve Better, according to the news source. Thayne plans on turning the former site of abuse into Good Newz Rehabilitation Center, a shelter and sanctuary where abused and chained dogs can come to heal.

Thayne currently has nine dogs living on the property and hopes to eventually house and rehabilitate as many as 100. In addition, she is planning on planting a memorial garden around the black buildings behind the house where the dogfighting, raping and chaining happened for six years before Vick was caught and the operation was shut down.

According to Yahoo News, Michael Vick endorses the project, saying that the animal sanctuary is "beneficial for the community." 
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