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Forty-three percent of pet owners believe their animals have sixth sense

If you're certain your furry friend has an uncanny ability to sense strange happenings, you're not alone. According to a recent poll conducted by, 43 percent of pet owners believe their dog or cat has sixth sense.

The news source spoke with a number of pet parents to get their take on the matter. One such individual, Jeanette Zinno, admitted that she was convinced that her miniature pinscher, Rocki, was especially in tune with the environment after she left a pot of water boiling on the stove.

"After a while Rocki came in and barked at us until we followed her to the kitchen, where all the water had boiled down and the pot was burning," Zinno told the news outlet.

The news source also reports that 67 percent of pet owners believe that their companion knows when the onset of a storm or harsh weather is on its way.

No matter what side of the argument one takes, it's a well-known fact that animals are able to detect subtle human behavior. In fact, canines are often used to help patients suffering from seizures by predicting an episode before it takes place.
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