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Giant George named World's Tallest Dog

The aptly named Giant George is a Great Dane who was recently appointed the title of world's largest dog by the Guinness Book of World records.

The statuesque canine is a staggering seven feet and three inches tall from nose to tail, and measures three feet and seven inches when he's on all fours. George lives in Arizona with his owner David Nasser.

Nasser has given George his own queen-sized bed, and when he travels on a plane, George requires three seats for himself. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the larger-than-life mongrel, who weighs 245 pounds, eats 110 pounds of food a month – which runs Nasser about $300.

The honor of World's Tallest Dog was erroneously given to another Great Dane, Titan, last November, but when judges realized that a mistake had been made George was given his rightful title.

Happily, Giant George doesn't seem to use his considerable strength to bully the humans around him. When he appeared on Oprah, he sat politely on the couch while Nasser answered questions.
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