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Global warming may lead to extinction of wolverines

Environmental Research Letters recently published a study indicating that wolverines are in danger of losing vast amount of habitat space due to global warming, according to the National Geographic.

Wolverines' natural habitat is in the snow, but as snow continues to melt, wolverines in the U.S. may have to migrate to Canada, but even there, wolverine populations are declining due to melting snow.

For those who do not know what a real wolverine looks like, wildlife artist Ernest Thompson Seton describes the animal on The Wolverine Foundation website: "Picture a weasel ...multiply that mite some fifty times, and you have the likeness of a Wolverine."

For the regions where wolverines are most likely found - in Washington, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming - temperatures are expected to reach 90F compared to previous highs of 72F, reports Time.

The new research was conducted by the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado.

On February 15, the United Nations executive secretary said that global warming and climate instability affects food resources and political instability, according to the New York Times Green Blog.
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