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Golden retriever eats 3-carat diamond

Many shop owners enjoy having their pets keep them company after hours, but we're betting that Robert Rosin and George Kaufmann regretted their decision to let Sollie, Kaufmann's golden retriever, hang out in their jewlry store.

When a diamond dealer was visiting the store and showing off his very pricey wares, a 3-carat diamond tumbled from his fingers and landed on the ground.

Unfortunately, in a flash, Sollie darted over and gobbled up the diamond.

We're guessing that the diamond-hawker's policy goes something like this: you eat it, you buy it.

The jewelers took the dog to the vet, who offered them a simple solution - wait it out. After three days of diligently following the pup around, Kaufmann got the bling back.

This story comes hot on the heels of the news that Kate Middleton's pooch snacked on the antique diamond earrings that her boyfriend Prince William had given her as a birthday present.

What is it with these pups and their expensive tastes? Do diamonds smell just like bacon to their sensitive noses or do they just want some ice in their grill?

We say, help animals help themselves and keep gemstones out of reach!
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