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Government removes wolves from endangered species list

For the first time ever, Congress has removed an animal from the Endangered Species List. Wolves in Montana and Idaho are no longer considered endangered. Some believe that this decision sets a precedence for political involvement in what should be a scientific decision concerning endangered animals, according to the New York Times.

The removal of the wolves was supported by two Congressmen from Montana and Idaho, Democratic Senator Jon Tester and Republican Representative Mike Simpson.

The move was presented as a rider on the Congressional budget measured that was passed last weekend. A federal judge had previously decided against having the wolves removed. This political decision comes as a direct contradiction to the judge's decision.

According to Defenders of Wildlife (DoW), a leading science-based wildlife conservation group, Congress' decision is "unforgivable."

"What Congress has done today ...marks a low point in the recent history of wildlife conservation. Never before has Congress stripped Endangered Species Act protections for one particular species, putting politics above sound science and our national commitment to conserving America’s wildlife," said the president of DoW, Rodger Schlickeisen, according to the organization's website.
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