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Gray wolf population in Wisconsin rising

A recent report from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources indicates that gray wolf populations in the state are strong, according to The Wausau Daily Herald. The gray wolf numbers in the region have been steadily inclining over the past few years.

There were 72 wolves found dead in 2010, all of whom were killed in collisions with automobiles or poached. There were 13 live wolves sighted in Marathon County, while there were 18 wolves discovered in Wood and Portage counties.

“It’s hard to say how many animals there are at any given time,” Tom Mier, a biologist at the Mead Wildlife Area, told the news source. However, he believes that gray wolf numbers are growing steadily.

Wolves have large territories and typically travel in packs. Wolves may be becoming more numerous, but they still like to keep their distance from humans, Meier explained to the news source.

According to National Geographic, wolves make up the largest part of the dog family. Gray wolves are the most common, but do not exist in nearly as many locations in the Northern Hemisphere as they once did. 
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